Enduro Bearings

Enduro Bearings

20 Years of Bearing Expertise

Since 1996, Enduro Bearings has worked closely with frame, fork and component manufacturers in the bicycle industry to ensure we provide the best bearing or seal for every application. Successful collaboration with component fabricators has helped Enduro Bearings develop the following unique design features.

Although we as Pinned don't have a workshop, we are happy to try and source your Bearing requirement from our Distributor in SA.  Please feel free to send us an email with your specs to info@pinned.co.za and we will see what is available locally.


Bearings are categorized by their code eg 6902 2RS and measured using ID x OD x W

Note: bearings with extended inner / outer races or with flange extended races will have these measurements included eg: 6902 2RS MAX-E is 15 x 28 x 7/10 meaning the Outer / Inner race measure 7mm and 10mm respectively